Farm Care Management


FCM provides a powerful suite of software solutions which make every day business easier and more profitable – whilst allowing you to maintain higher quality, staff performance, cost control, and traceability levels.


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  • Profit reporting down to individual areas of land at any time during the production process
  • Automatically generate staff tasks and instructions to improve staff management
  • Manage staff learning and training
  • Manage all farm's production activities including spray, Irrigation, fertilization, chemical residue tests, equipment maintenance, planting, harvesting, workers timesheets and much more.
  • Automatic traceability of materials and labour used in production; instant recall from plot, crop, and material inputs
  • Comprehensive inventory management to improve resource utilization and reduce waste includes traceability for inventory batches and integrates automatically with recall and traceability systems.  Purchase Order generation and stock takes
  • Precision Farming techniques utilizing Geographic Information System (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) services
  • Integration with external financial packages
  • Conduct quality audits performed by international standard bodies