Packinghouse Management


PHM provides a powerful suite of software solutions which make every day business easier and more profitable – whilst allowing you to maintain higher quality control, staff performance, cost control, and traceability levels.

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  • Manage empty packages and bin stock
  • Handle incoming crop receipts, including fruit/vegetables for packing, pre-packaged crop and crop to be packaged and palletized.
  • Issue barcode labels for incoming fruit/vegetables to ensure traceability.
  • Management of stock and full traceability during the packing process, including stock location, tracking and special treatments.
  • Capture pricing, weight, supplier, temperature and other information during the stock incoming process
  • Labor management and packing labor costs reporting by batch and grower.
  • Record and manage customer purchase orders.
  • Comprehensive quality control available for incoming stock, processed and packed stock, outgoing finished produce
  • Analysis of packer & staff performance, tools to identify areas of waste and areas where staff need retraining
  • Manage dispatch process, generate invoices, generate dispatch and transport documentation.
  • Support shipping to various markets domestic and export sales.
  • Comprehensive inventory management to improve resource utilization and reduce waste includes traceability for inventory batches and integrates automatically with recall and traceability systems. 
  • Perform Quality Control checks and recording during all phases of the packing process.
  • Perform payments to growers based on a variety of contracts and agreements between the packinghouse and its suppliers/growers.
  • A built-in financial module and Integration with external financial packages